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My name is Jacqueline van der Venne and I studied for 5 years both graphic design, publicity, illustrative design and photography. In 1987, I graduated from the Art Academy in Maastricht and since then I worked several years of steady employment in the field of graphic design. Not only I work now as a VISUAL ARTIST but also as a curator. 

AS A MATTER OF FACT I HAVE EXHIBITED MY WORK BOTH IN THE NETHERLANDS AND ABROAD. My work includes all in all photography, painting on canvas and drawing on paper, in fact strongly combined with the use of NEW MEDIA. IN ESSENCE I AM A VISUAL ARTIST, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, PHOTOGRAPHER, WEB DESIGNER, CURATOR AND LECTURER IN ART & DESIGN.

After all I earned as well my teaching degree in 2005 and has taught at both primary and secondary school. In ART classes I offer COURSES in drawing, arts & crafts.

For one thing people in all possible aspects are central to my work. First I search for the ultimate shapes and colours to make my art vibrant and truly dynamic. BEAUTY is certainly equally important for my art. Communication is explicitly my main theme.

A particularly successful work of art is one that evokes feelings that may be either positive or negative. Today I live and work in the Netherlands.

Engagement with friends and fans is in the first place very important for me. Feel free to give comments on this website. If you have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me any time.

As artists, we’ve been blessed with the ability to turn to our work at such a time: for solace, or for catharsis, or simply to make sense of our experience…and although we do this for ourselves, it’s a double blessing when such work speaks to others as well.  Alan Weisman

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