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Understand The Background Of Installation Artwork Called a Place To Stay Now

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In the first place, I made a new installation artwork at the Urban SMART GALLERY. The title of this environment is ‘A PLACE TO STAY’.

The INSTALLATION ARTWORK is all about refugees and I wanted to point out here what troubles refugees have to face. Not only the language is certainly a huge problem. For example refugees have to leave by all means everything behind!

Of course refugees are fleeing for WAR and prosecution and risk for this reason their own life, only to be safe. What refugees have to go through, goes beyond your imagination.

As an illustration I used for this remarkable INSTALLATION a POP-UP tent, jerrycans and suitcase. Not only plastic bags, but also bottles, mattress, WATER, sleeping bag, articles about refugiees and more. This ENVIRONMENT doesn’t need in particular more explicitly explanation, because it speaks for itself.

Suddenly I started to make also paper dolls and at the same time, jewelery also made from PAPER. To put it differently, I wanted to make now also SCULPTURES. With this in mind, paper is for the moment my magic material.

You can shape paper in detail just like you want. PAPER ART can be big or small. Paper is in fact also light and cheap. You don’t need particularly machines or other specifically equipement when I work with paper.

Different from other materials, paper is also a disposable product. As a matter of fact, paper gives me freedom to do what I want and equally important I don’t need anyone, when I work with paper.

Why don’t you come over to the SMART GALLERY and have a look here? There is also artwork at the gallery to see from other artists like Ans Lemmens, Ralf Rafee, Paola Caporilli and others.

Jacqueline van der Venne Visual artist


By appointment telephone: +31(0)6 81754790

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