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Jacqueline van der Venne Portfolio A4

Jacqueline van der Venne Flyer

My work is very colorful, full of symbols in the shape of the sensational moon, sun, love, stars, squares as well as flowers. THE MATERIAL THAT I USE IS VARIED. To create a painting I make advance equally important a powerful sketch, that I use as a START.

As a matter of fact EMOTIONS or FEELINGS IN MY WORK COMES NATURALLY AND INTUITIVELY TOO. Not only my drawings but also my paintings are figurative. As can be seen people play a pivotal role in each artwork.

Portraying realism isn’t important for me at all! My artwork is all about rest and peace in a chaotic world. In other words I always look for that one oasis and the PERFECT BALANCE.

In the hope that my amazing artwork is now inspiring for a traveler with an open mind, on his way to the right field division, line, smell and color. To put it differently my artwork is in fact like walking in a Japanese garden, or sitting in a little boat on the ultramarine blue sea.

Since childhood I have felt the need to express my creativity. For example ceramics, textiles, drawing, batik, painting and photography were favored then. After my training at the ART Academy Maastricht, I became an art professional who never stopped working.

After all finding a form of communication through ART in general is my ultimate goal to improve my artwork and develop new ideas.

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