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The Reason Why Everyone Love Artist Georges De Cuzey

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Artist Georges de Cuzey

This revolutionary ARTIST and INVENTOR did have in fact a long artistic yourney. Introducing finally his DRAWING PIANO! In other words Georges de Cuzey is working as an artist for 60 years now.

He lives and works in the beautiful Côte d’Azur in FRANCE. In the first place Georges de Cuzey is very productive. 

The artist de Cuzey is also in great shape. For example he is still an active windsurfer. De Cuzey designed after all the sensational ‘Piadess‘, THE DRAWING PIANO.

In his paintings made with the Drawing Piano I see moiré patterns and compositions that seem to move while watching. As can be seen Georges plays here with optical illusions.

These Drawing Piano artworks are to me all OPT ART inspired. Georges art form is altogether very accessible too.

Join the development from de Cuzey’s art here at the Victoria Dickinson’s website.  From the firsth static sculptures to graphic melodies. He composes with the significantly Drawing Piano.

The artist was at one point also explicitly inspired by the remarkable artist Tinguely. Georges art made also a transition from statics to dynamics. The story of this artist is all about the amazing trip to the heart of creation.

Suddenly I got to know the GALLERY OWNER and curator Dickinson. In fact she intruduced me to Georges de Cuzey’s ART.

DICKINSON is all in all the only Georges de Cuzey amazing art dealer in the whole world. In particular she is surely a huge fan of the French artist. Therefore Dickinson truly want also that de Cuzey will end up now in the art history books!

His latest PAINTINGS are printed with black ink on canvas with the uniqly DRAWING PIANO. At this moment we are organizing here an exhibition about Georges de Cuzey at the Smart Gallery. Of course it will be overall a challenge featuring the great PAINTINGS from this artist. But it wil be definitely sucesfully too.

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