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Braylee Rush

I highly recommend working with and purchasing artwork from accomplished artist, Jacqueline van der Venne. She works as an artist, graphic designer, photographer, web designer, and lecturer in art & design.

I met Jacqueline online when she reached out to do an art collaboration project together. We have been talking on Skype and working out our collaboration project together.

She is courageous in that she goes for what she wants. She is striving to expand her art career and is doing just that. She is friendly, sweet, and willing to do more than the task at hand requires of her.

I find her art lively, bold, and engaging. It reminds me of the work of the French-Russian painter, Marc Chagall. Her watery and yet bold colors are emotive with her figures that float in space giving you the sense that nothing is permanent, or perhaps real, either. The imagination is enlivened to help us question our reality of what is real in our world.

Ethereal in nature, we ponder the spiritual aspects of our life. Nothing is tethered. We must flow with life, for life is impermanent. There is a dream-like feeling from her paintings. Jacqueline constantly pushes the envelope of her art, trying new techniques to keep her work fresh.

Whether you decide to purchase Jacqueline’s artwork, take one of her wonderful workshops or class, ask her to teach at your facility, you will be happy that you did and will be pleased with the results.

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