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0 Quick Tips For Improvement Urban Smart Gallery.

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Finally mayor Ralf Krewinkel paid a visit to the Urban Smart Gallery. Our first appointment was canceled last week. Just a few hours before our get together, his secretary also asked me then, if the mayor of Heerlen could come over one hour earlier.

Of course, I said. We were waiting for the mayor to arrive at the gallery after all and suddenly I got a call, that the mayor was at my home address, in front of the theatre. Oops! His secretary made a little mistake! ‪The address of the GALLERY is not there, but in the center of Heerlen, Doctor Poelsstraat 79, almost next to city hall.

The MAYOR arrived at last. At the gallery I showed him all artworks. To put it differently, I talked about my own artwork and Paola Caporilli from ROME, who have been recently an artist in residence here.

As a matter of fact, the same day the mayor was visiting the gallery, Paola went back home. Last but not least I introduced also artist Ans Lemmens.

We had then a discussion there together with Ralf Kuipers (het Blauwe Huis), Ans Lemmens, artist Sjon Mobers and his wife Anita, the mayor and I. How can I take this gallery to the next level? That’s the question!

Support is what I need now! To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there’s no such thing as perfect (Alexander Calder). But as you all know, there is for example no toilet, water and heating here at the gallery.

The mayor advised to go straightaway to Barry Braeken. In other words, you really should know what you wanted to achieve here with the gallery.

Does the gallery for instance need help with publicity? Explicitly questions is what you have to ask now. Maybe counsellor Braeken will give you finally a big no no and he will say: I think the gallery concept is out of our league. Just talk with councilor Barry Braeken and you’ll find out soon enough, said mayor Krewinkel.

We decided that Heerlen is only about URBAN like for example the uniquely and amazing murals here in town, told Ralf Krewinkel. We truly wanted to stand out from other cities, explained the mayor.

In fact I am also very happy that Heerlen is choosing URBAN instead of Andre Rieu in Maastricht. In my opinion Andre Rieu doesn’t have anything to do at all with art in general.

Heerlen is in a word URBAN. That’s why I change in the first place now the gallery’s name into URBAN SMART GALLERY. Second, I will have an appointment together with counselor Barry Braeken to talk now specifically about the Urban Smart Gallery. According to everyone especially the GALLERY is definitely a huge improvement for Heerlen, so why should Barry think differently.

Jacqueline van der Venne Visual artist


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