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Four Things About the next Exhibition at the Urban Smart Gallery You Have To Experience It Yourself

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2-SmartGallery by Jacqueline van der Venne on Scribd


Sunday, 19 February is then again the second exhibition at the SMART GALLERY. You are of course cordially invited! The finnisage is 19 March.

FEATURED ARTISTS are: Ankie LommenCarina JanssensAlexander Blaak and Yanette Wald v. H.

With this in mind all ARTISTS will surely be present during the official opening. As a matter of fact Riet de Wit will open the next exhibition at 3:00 p.m.

Riet is is a senior member from the political party SP. She was also former deputy mayor from HEERLEN.

This remarkable SMART GALLERY exhibition will be an amazing must see event for all! Including live music from Thijs Leuven from the magic Soundscapes and drinks will be also served during he opening.

Carina Janssens is not only exhibiting her sculptures. But also her monumental wall art too. CARINA JANSSENS strength is in particular her desire to experiment especialy with materials. At the same time she loves to try out new techniques too.

Clay, not only IRON, but also MARMER. FABRIC, PAPER. and GLASS. In the first place her sculptures are made very professional. Janssens artwork is to point out beautiful indoors and outdoors.

Alexander Blaak is from Amsterdam. He is introducing now his realistic oil PAINTINGS. He paints sometimes famous people like for example Sofia Loren.

BLAAK is a self-taught man and studied at the FOTOVAKSCHOOL and MEDIA ACADEMY. Alex worked also as an ART-consultant. FILM-operator and mediator. He used to work equaly important in the ANALOG PHOTO BRANCH. TELEVISION and MOVIE-business.

YANETTE WALD v. H. was born in PERU. She grew up in COLOMBIA. Wald v. H. will be showing her beautiful CERAMICS. She designs indeed lovely JEWELRY too.

The artist WALD v. H. came to the Netherlands in 1978. Moving to HOLLAND was of course for her life changing. Yanette loves explecitly faces in her artwork (just like I do).

Yanette Wald van Hemelrijck is inspired – and definitely learned ceramics from her parents. You can truly see that South-America influenced her art as well.

Last but not least is the artist ANKIE LOMMEN. She will present some big sculptures. This artist loves to play together with materials like polyester and WOOD. But she works also with latex and of course sensational steel.

Ankie kan be really moved when she suddenly sees something. For instance a running dog, or a tiny twig in the wind. Seeing that can be in fact an inspiration for another artwork.

Movement, static power, impermanence and yet undestructable are her topicsHowever, STEEL is of cource very strong, but it can also RUST. That’s why powerful steel is also a temporary – and vulnarable material. Revolutionary steel can challenge this sculptor explicitly to create something new.

Ankie Lommen wanted mostly the uniquely round shape, because it’s namely soft, female and endless. On the other hand Lommen is also inspired and touched specifically by found materialsSteel works for her indeed as a true miracle, especialy in combination with other revolutionary materials.

Sunday, MARCH 19, 3:00 p.m. is the finissage!

THU, FRI, SAT 2:00-4:00 p.m. Address: Doctor Poelsstraat 79, 6411 HG HEERLEN, THE NETHERLANDS

By appointment telephone: +31(0)6 81754790

Jacqueline van der Venne Visual artist


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