Art Classes & Workshops

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Art Classes & Workshops



Cost For All Workshops

The workshops and guest lectures have a target price between €90 — €120 per workshop / lecture.

Note: For workshops where instruments (such as a printer) need be rented, additional fees will be charged.

The exact price varies per edition and is dependent on customization and the specific interpretation. I set the final price by being in consultation with the school and the various parties.

Course packages:

6 to 10 lessons of 50 minutes.

6 to 10 courses of 100 minutes, this may also for two groups.


Customized Private Art Classes

Jacqueline van der Venne offers 1 – 1½-hour private art classes for children. We will customize the curriculum based on your child’s needs and creative interests.

Lessons can include painting (oil/acrylic on canvas), drawing, printmaking, webdesign, computer, sculpture and many more projects. The lessons can focus on either abstract or representational art. Price is based on curriculum and art materials.

Audience:  Adults & Children

Duration: One or two lesson or series of lessons

Number of students: 1 – Individual Lessons

Supplies: Paper, ink rollers, paint, brushes, glue, computer


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